Surgical Site Infections due to Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria


JNMA J Nepal Med AssocMar-Apr 2018;56(211):696-700.

PMID: 30381768


Introduction: Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria are increasingly recognized, nowadays as an important pathogen in delayed surgical site infection in post operative cases. We here in describe cases of surgical site infection caused by Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria, seen in two centers in Jhapa. The aim of the study was to increase awareness of this atypical mycobacterial infection, prompt diagnosis, and treatment that may ultimately provide better care to patients.

Methods: Forty four patients underwent different kinds of operations in two different private hospitals in Jhapa district of Nepal. All patients were presented with painful, draining subcutaneous nodules at the infection sites. Repeated aspiration of abscess, incision and drainage of the wound were done and specimen was sent for microbiological and histopathological examination. All patients were treated with repeated wound debridement and tab. Clarithromycin and inj. Tobramycin for 45days.

Results: Mycobacterium Chelone were isolated from the purulent drainage obtained from wounds by routine microbiological techniques. Of the forty four cases, thirty of them had acid fast bacilli stain positive, two had acid fast bacilli culture positive. All the patients except two cases were treated with injection Tobramycin and Clarithromycin for six weeks.

Conclusions: There should be high level of clinical suspicion for patients presenting with delayed post- operative wound infections for the diagnosis of non-tubercular mycobacreria as causative agents. These infections not only cause physical but also emotional distress that affects both the patients and the surgeon. Emphasis should be given on good sterilization technique to avoid such infections.

Keywords: atypical mycobacteria; non tuberculous Mycobacteria; rapidly growing Mycobacteria..